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Aviation expertise Prof. Dr. Martin Maslaton

Prof. Dr. Martin Maslaton

Prof. Dr. jur. Martin Maslaton is, among other things, a business jet pilot since 1994. From a cockpit perspective, he is actively involved in all areas of aviation (LuftVG, LuftVO, JAR-FCL/EASA, SERA, LuftSiG, „ZÜP“) as well as being an LBA-approved Level 4 language examiner, LBA: D- LT-0105; Level 6 himself. Martin Maslaton is – among other commitments – a member of the board of the industry association Civil Drone Use (BVZD), holder of the EU Remote Pilot Certificate and editor of the aviation magazine „Pilot und Flugzeug“.

These many years of activity in the aviation industry have led to a highly differentiated network of highly specialised engineers and various experts for all aviation-related contexts, who can be called upon at any time. If legal questions – and/or legal advice is required – this is provided by Maslaton Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

Prof. Dr. Martin Maslaton
Single language examiner § 125a LuftPersV
(LBA: D-LT-0105)

Aviation expertise
UAV Remote Pilot A1/A3 Open Category
LBA: DEU-RP-253i4gpnzh7c

Video: "Aviation Expertise"

This video was produced for a series of lectures by Prof. Dr. Martin Maslaton, at which he spoke about the conflicting interests surrounding air traffic control facilities (VOR/spot beacons, air traffic control radar, etc.) or points of contact with specific flight operations procedures (low-level routes, visual flight procedures, compulsory reporting points, distances to aerodrome circuits). Particularly current topics, such as the effects of wind turbines on flight operations – especially at glider airfields – under the aspect of wake vortices were increasingly discussed.

Advice/consulting on aviation transactions M&A

A broad field of experience in all areas of commercial and private aviation makes it possible to objectively examine transactions in this industry for both sides:

– Consideration of the object of the contract
– Maintenance forecast
– Availability gradients
– HR Perspective

… just to mention some content. Technical expertise is used in an object-oriented manner.

A cost estimate will be prepared before the order is placed.

Language training

EASA stipulates that pilots must regularly prove their language qualification. In problematic cases, we offer the possibility of passing the renewal examination through targeted individual training. Dates and fees by individual arrangement. Prof. Dr. Maslaton holds the language qualification according to ICAO 6 (ICAO language competence level 6). ICAO level 6 is the so-called ICAO level for experts and is considered the highest level you can achieve in terms of ICA language proficiency. Pilots are no longer required to renew their ICAO Language Proficiency; ICAO Language Proficiency is valid indefinitely.

Language test

The ICAO standards were transposed into German law on 24 September 2008 with the „Verordnung zur Einführung von Verweisen von Sprachkenntnissen für Luftfahrer“ (Regulation on the introduction of language proficiency certificates for airline pilots) of 12 September 2008.

In this ordinance, in addition to the amendments to the Air Traffic Regulations, the Aircraft Operating Regulations, the Air Traffic Licensing Regulations and the Aviation Administration Costs Ordinance, the extension of the Ordinance on Aviation Personnel (LuftPersV) was published. Sections 125 and 125a of the LuftPersV regulate proof of language proficiency and the recognition of a body to administer language examinations. The regulations made in §§ 125 and 125a of the LuftPersV are supplemented by the Third Implementing Regulation to the Aviation Personnel Regulation (3. DV LuftPersV).

Currently, approximately 135 individuals and 27 organizations are recognized by the LBA as bodies to administer English language examinations and are published in the lists of recognized bodies. In total, just under 1400 individuals are authorised to administer language examinations.

An examination to prove language proficiency may also be combined with the acquisition of an aeronautical radio certificate. Details of this are specified in § 15 of the Regulation on Aeronautical Radio Certificates. With Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 Part FCL.055 Language Proficiency, the ICAO requirements have also been transposed into European law.

The national „adaptation of aviation law provisions relating to flying personnel in civil aviation“ in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 was carried out by ordinance of 17 December 2014 on 24 December 2014. This adaptation also required amendments to the 3rd DV LuftPersV, the current version of which entered into force on 21 September 2018.

In order to be able to organise examinations online and without direct personal contact between language examiner(s) and candidate(s), Unit L2 has published „Guidelines for the approval of online examination procedures“.


Attention! Please do not forget to attach the provisional certificate LBA to the registration form.

UAV (drone operation)

The commercial use of drones is becoming increasingly important: logistics, surveying, construction/planning, agriculture – the list goes on!

Back in 2016, the EU predicted a potential of more than 100,000 employees with an economic volume of 10 billion per year and 20 billion p.a. in 2050 for the drone economy.

The German government also assumes that the economic potential of the drone economy should not be underestimated. In the next ten years, it is expected to grow by about 90 billion euros, up to about 1.5 trillion euros in 2040. In Germany, there were already up to 10,000 people in 400 companies employed in the drone economy in 2020. These companies offer innovative solutions for many sectors of the economy, such as agriculture, healthcare, transport or logistics.

In an international comparison, the commercial drone market in Germany is in fourth place behind the USA, China and Japan. In a European comparison, it is even in first place. An end to the growth is currently not foreseeable. German companies that are active in the drone market include Wingcopter GmbH, Lilium GmbH and Velocopter GmbH.

Approval procedures, ascent permits, SORA expert procedures/appraisals as well as reliable technology and its inspection – to name just a few things – require aeronautical and procedural expertise. This is offered comprehensively, not least by engineers and other technical service providers with whom we have been cooperating for a long time.


Registration for the monthly newsletter „MASLATON Drones & Law“

Flight simulation

Decades have passed since the early beginnings of flight simulation, even before the Second World War. Today, even and especially non-certified simulators have reached utilization levels that are practically indispensable for any aviation expertise – from pilot training to the „meter-precise flying down“ of planned infrastructures.

In the latter case, bridges, wind turbines, but also other projects are entered into the „real landscape“ and then virtually flown over and recorded. This freely reproducible simulation is of the utmost value as a working basis for aviation approval procedures, but also for technical procedures and support in legal administrative and judicial proceedings. Tasks and cost estimates are worked out individually.

General Aviation

Actual PFD
IFR CAT II weather
Electronic Flight back
VFR landing
Airport taxi


Approach CAT1
Going Around

Approval procedures, airfields, infrastructure, wind energy and air transport

The operation of airfields and landing sites is becoming increasingly difficult in view of the ever more complex national and European framework conditions; it requires special tact – especially in dealing with the licensing authorities as well as practical „airfield use experience“, preferably from the cockpit.

Against this background, the accompaniment of approval or modification approval procedures and European certification procedures qualified aviation technical/operational expertise is essential: e.g. order, cancellation and modification of site rounds. Sound advice in advance helps to avoid conflicts of use and disputes with residents or landowners – especially when it comes to the construction of infrastructure projects – such as wind turbines.


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